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March 2014 Update:
Innovations in Pain Management with Proven, Lasting Results

Pain Management Today, with Lifelong Results

Research has proven that a dedicated, integrated approach to therapy yields better and more sustainable results for your patients.

Over the course of a few short weeks, the RIC team works with patients to teach active tools and techniques that will help them maximize their ability while minimizing their pain.

Why is RIC Different?

In 2009, RIC’s Center for Pain Management was named a “Center of Excellence” by the American Pain Society (APS). This award honors pain-care teams that overcome difficult challenges to provide outstanding, exemplary care for those with chronic pain disorders, acute pain after surgery or trauma, and in palliative care settings for pain from cancer and other terminal conditions. RIC is the only APS-awarded center in the Illinois, Indiana, Michigan, Wisconsin area.

Non-invasive Therapies

Our interdisciplinary approach, housed in a single location, includes traditional therapies as well as interventions that will help to improve not only the patient’s physical but also emotional well-being. These strategies include sleep modification, pacing strategies, proper use of body mechanics, posture,  and relaxation techniques – all designed to enhance the patient’s function while minimizing the use of medications and invasive procedures..

Who Do We Treat?

Adults with a wide range of pain diagnoses including back or neck pain, headaches, fibromyalgia/myofascial pain, CRPS, post-amputation pain, abdominal/pelvic pain, and cancer pain.

Adolescent patients are treated for pain diagnoses including headaches (chronic tension, new daily persistent), functional gastrointestinal disorders, juvenile fibromyalgia, CRPS, and postural orthostatic tachycardia syndrome.

Statistics Show…

RIC Pain Center Statistics(Results are based on a dedicated 4-wk program. n=118 patients) Adult patients who have completed our program have seen improvement on multiple measures.
RIC Pain Center statistics(Results are based on a twice per week program over the course of six to eight wks. n=34) Adolescent patients have also seen success in a number of measures as well as their ability to function within their family

“The program at RIC changed my life dramatically. For the first time in years my pain does not rule my life or ability to do what I want to do.” – RIC patient

New Authoritative Guidelines for Pain Diagnosis

Complex Regional Pain Syndrome (CRPS) is one of the most challenging and desperate diagnoses seen by pain specialists. Dr. R. Norman Harden, Director of RIC’s Center for Pain Studies, was the primary author in a recently published study that now serves as a practical diagnostic and treatment guideline for this mysterious and debilitating disorder.

CRPS, previously known as “reflex sympathetic dystrophy” or “causalgia,” is the subject of this 50-page combination literature review and compilation of empirical clinical experience from experts in each discipline that treats CRPS.

The results of this peer-reviewed compilation by Harden and nine other experts in the field (Pain Medicine, Vol 14, Iss 2, pp 180–229, Feb 2013), is an evaluation of the research quality, clinical relevance, and a “state of the art” of diagnostic and treatment modalities. Because early diagnosis seems key to effective treatment, the study is deliberately tailored so that any doctor in any clinic anywhere can make the diagnosis. No special equipment or training is needed.

The quality/quantity of evidence is mentioned when available, so that the practitioner can better assess the modalities discussed. Citations and tables throughout compare the characteristics of studies in each domain described.

RIC is proud of Dr. Harden’s venturing into, as he terms it, the “evidence vacuum” in this area of research, to provide the practitioner with more treatment options by codifying current thinking around this condition.

Leading Pain Management Physician’s Release New Webinar

Two leading RIC physicians have developed an online course examining factors that influence  the development of chronic pain. It reviews evidence for medications, medications use patterns that may suggest development of chronicity, and how careful evaluation of pharmacotherapies can help manage the individual’s chronic pain condition.

The course further covers psychological factors, genetic differences in how patients’ metabolize chemicals related to pain, and social and vocational issues. Basic pain theory, its development, the connection between perceived pain, depression, anxiety, fear-avoidance, and related disability are also included.

The complete webinar is entitled, “Predictors of chronic pain and disability: From patterns of medication use to psychosocial and environmental factors”  and is broken into two 30-minute sections. The first half is “Rational Polypharmacy for Pain Management” and is presented by James W. Atchison, DO, the Medical Director of RIC’s Center for Pain Management. The second half is “Risk Factors for Chronic Pain: Can we predict disability?” led by Steven Stanos, DO, the Director of RIC’s Corporate Pain Services.

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