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The Ability Institute of RIC

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Nuclei of Discovery: Five Innovation Centers 

RIC’s new Ability Institute is designed around five Innovation Centers, which will leverage our existing core expertise and market leadership in areas of biomedical science with great promise:

  • INNOVATION CENTER: Brain Injury Research & Recovery
  • INNOVATION CENTER: Spinal Cord Injury Research & Recovery
  • INNOVATION CENTER: Neuro-Musculoskeletal Research & Recovery
  • INNOVATION CENTER: Pediatric Rehabilitation
  • INNOVATION CENTER: Cancer Rehabilitation

The five Innovation Centers will distinguish RIC as having the world’s only such nuclei of combined leadership, concentrating teams of clinicians and research investigators focused on turning innovative ideas into effective treatments and therapies for adults and children.

With an individual sense of purpose, each Innovation Center will be a place where academic and professional boundaries dissolve. The best talent will unite and collect around the patient, working together seamlessly, as one, to better understand the problems, solve the most pressing problems first, and achieve this more effectively and efficiently than ever before.