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The Ability Institute of RIC

The New RIC - Capital CampaignWe invite you to partner with RIC
as we Advance Human Ability™.



Facts & Figures

Our new research hospital will allow RIC to serve our patients in ways that are not possible in our current space, and that are unprecedented in medicine.
 The AbilityLab® is intended to exude ability and attract the world's best and brightest talent to achieve its vision.

The AbilityLab at a Glance

Building Size

The building will be 480 feet tall, with 1.2 million square feet of floor space, including 900,000 square feet dedicated to clinical/research programs – nearly three times our current research space.

Inpatient Bed Capacity

The AbilityLab will open with 242 beds – a 33% increase over our current capacity of 182.

World's Only Ability Labs – Five Differentiated Labs 

  • Think & Speak: "Speech & Cognition"
  • Arm & Hand: "Fine Motor"
  • Legs & Walking: "Gait & Locomotion"
  • Strength & Endurance: "Total Body"
  • Pediatrics: All abilities for kids

New Care Support Capabilities

  • Imaging and Interventional Suite: MRI and CT scanning capabilities, ultrasound, fluoroscopy, DEXA, and bone density diagnostics.
  • Rehabilitation Intensive Care Unit (RICU)
  • Infusion Suite

Wonderful Public Spaces

  • Sky Lobby – 2-story reception on the 10th floor
  • Sky Garden – Expansive, outdoor green area confluent with the Sky Lobby
  • LIFE Center – Patient and family resource center
  • Spiritual Center
  • Conference Center

Outpatient Care

The AbilityLab will have an extensive outpatient care facility – four times the current service size.