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Vocational Rehabilitation

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RIC Business Board – 
Inspiring Business Success

The Rehabilitation Institute of Chicago, voted America's #1 Rehabilitation Hospital by U.S. News and World Report every year since 1991, has celebrated a long and successful history of ensuring the full integration of people with disabilities into all aspects of life, including employment.

Long before the passage of groundbreaking legislation such as the Americans with Disabilities Act, RIC has promoted awareness and employment options for people with disabilities.

Established in 1973, the RIC Business Board consists of more than 100 of the most influential Chicago area businesses, people with disabilities, (dis)ability organizations and vocational staff of the Rehabilitation Institute of Chicago.

Leading the Way to Employment

The RIC Business Board Committee facilitates the hiring of people with a disability. Its purpose is to engage the active participation of the business community to enable qualified individuals with a disability to obtain employment and succeed in the workforce. It provides education to employers on the benefits of employing and accommodating people with a disability.


Works with RIC to assist people with disabilities develop job employment skills that meet the needs of the market place and trains employers to work effectively with employees who have a disability.


Promotes employment of individuals with a disability in jobs or in internships that match their skills and interests.


Discerns the directions and changes taking place in the business community as they relate to people with disabilities and coordinates subcommittee activities. Members of the Advisory Board are present or former subcommittee chairpersons and select Board Committee members.


Publicizes the availability of workers with a disability to stimulate their employment within the business community. Encourages Board Committee membership in Chicago area corporations.

Benefits of Being a TEAM Member

Many employers, including Chicago based businesses such as Aon Corp., Sears, Roebuck & Co. and The Northern Trust Company have joined the TEAM. Best of all, membership is easy and free. There is no obligation; moreover, joining gives you access to the following:

  • Expertise regarding reasonable accommodations, job restructuring and modification, return-to-work issues and other concerns related to vocational rehabilitation
  • Strategies for integrating qualified people with disabilities into the workplace
  • Information on compliance with federal and state regulations that govern fair employment practices
  • Opportunities to network with other human resource professionals
  • Employer training programs and workshops
  • Free access to highly qualified job applicants with disabilities
  • Career day

To join the RIC Business Board or to get additional information contact us at 312-238-6800.