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Internship Application and Deadlines

If you wish to be considered for an internship, you will need to send a current resume and submit a completed application.

RIC Adaptive Sports and Fitness, and Clinical Therapeutic Recreation Application [PDF]

Applications for fall, spring, or summer internships must be received by the following dates in order to be considered.

  • Fall: June 1
  • Spring: October 1
  • Summer: March 1

General Internship Information

The information below pertains to all RIC Adaptive Sports and Fitness Program & Clinical Therapeutic Recreation Program internships.

All Internships:

Require a commitment to:

  • A minimum 10 to 12-week placement for Adaptive Sports programs;
  • A minimum 12-week placement for Summer internships and 16-week placement for Fall and Spring internships for the Fitness Center Program; OR
  • A minimum 14-week placement for Clinical Therapeutic Recreation and Caring for Kids program.
  • Working 40 hours per week, including nights and weekends

Are unpaid

All Interns:

  • Are required to attend an RIC orientation prior to starting internship
  • Are required to obtain the following documentation from their student health department or personal physician prior to the start of internship:

(1) Documentation of two (2) TB tests within the past 12 months. The second TB test must be within three (3) months of the start of the internship


an X-ray report for positive reactors current within five years and screening for TB symptoms

(2) Documented history of vaccination or disease from a physician or healthcare facility, or laboratory titer report for Measles, Mumps, Rubella, Varicella, Hepatitis B, (or medical documentation indicating that vaccination is contraindicated).

  • Are required to hold current certifications in first aid and CPR
  • Are required to secure their own housing. Please note that RIC does not provide housing for interns.
  • Will be assigned to a supervisor who best fits with their major and goals for the internship.
  • Will be provided with office space, clerical support, and computer orientation as part of the internship placement.
  • Will be reimbursed for all travel-related expenses directly attributed to work assignments.

Applying for an Internship

To apply for an internship with any one of the three programs, you must:

  • Submit a letter of interest either in writing or by email to the manager of your preferred program, and
  • Submit a completed Internship Application along with a current resume.

For Sports or Fitness internships, send to:

RIC Sports and Fitness
Rehabilitation Institute of Chicago
541 North Fairbanks, Mezzanine Level
Chicago, IL 60611

For Sports: Attention Derek Daniels For Fitness: Attention Maggie Morrissy

For Clinical Therapeutic Recreation internships, send to:

Therapeutic Recreation Manager
Rehabilitation Institute of Chicago
345 East Superior Street, Room 960
Chicago, IL 60611
Attention: Mike Wehner

Following a review of the Internship Application Form and resume, selected candidates will be contacted to schedule an interview. Interviews may be conducted over the phone if an in-person interview cannot be arranged.

Once interviews with all potential candidates are completed, successful candidates will be contacted. This process usually takes place two to six months prior to the start of an individual’s desired internship.

If the student has been accepted and has agreed to take the internship, the necessary paperwork will be completed between RIC and the college/university. The student will be responsible for participating in the facilitation of this process.

Deadlines for Applications

Fall—June 1. Spring—October 1. Summer—March 1.

Internships are competitive and openings are limited. Only applications received by the deadline are reviewed.


If you have additional questions, please address them to the appropriate program lead: