Just for You: One-on-One Fitness Programs - Rehabilitation Institute of Chicago

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Hours of Operation

Monday - Friday
6:15 a.m.–7:00 p.m.

Assisted Hours

Staff members are available to help participants with equipment during these hours: 

Monday - Friday
9:00 a.m.–1:00 p.m.
5:00 p.m.–6:00 p.m.

RIC Adaptive Sports and Fitness Membership Medical Form

All RIC Adaptive Sports and Fitness Program participants must have a current medical form on file.

Download the RIC Adaptive Sports and Fitness Medical Form (PDF).

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Just for You: RIC Adaptive Fitness Center’s  One-on-One Fitness Programs

Fitness instructor guides member on lat pull machineIf getting excited about exercise is a challenge, working with one our exercise physiologists can provide you with the structure, guidance, and one-on-one attention to help you stay motivated!

Whether through the Goldman Family Functional Fitness Program or Personal Training, these forty-five minute one-on-one sessions offer client a measure of expertise not available in a self-directed program.

Our staff of exercise physiologists will establish a baseline fitness level and design an Individual Exercise Prescription to help you achieve your goals - such as losing weight, training for a sports competition, or increasing overall strength to meet the needs.

The Basics

  • All sessions last 45 minutes and are scheduled in advance.
  • All participants are encouraged to consult with their physician before beginning this or any new exercise program.
  • For more information about any of the one-on-one exercise programs, contact Raquel Gonzales or Laura Men or call 312-238-5001.


One-on-One services are priced as follows

Functional Fitness and Personal Training

Functional Fitness/Personal Training Assessment $60/session
Single Session of Functional Fitness/Personal Training $45/session
5-Session Package $212.50 (save $12.50)
10-Session Package $400.00 (save $50)

Lokomat and AlterG Treadmill Training

Single Session of Lokomat or AlterG  $75/session
5-Session Package $340 (save $35)
10-Session Package $640 (save $110)

The Programs

The Goldman Family Functional Fitness Program

The Goldman Functional Fitness Program is part of a continuum of care meant to build upon the skills learned in physical or occupational therapy. Functional fitness is a one-on-one exercise program aiming to further develop the physical skills necessary to maximize "functional mobility" required by the activities of daily living such as walking, transferring, and core balancing.
Individualized sessions focus on neuromotor exercises such as exercises that develop balance skills, coordination, gait, agility and proprioceptive training. The exercises performed during these sessions are designed to help improve your ability to function effectively and efficiently in your daily life and may include mat work, strength and conditioning, stretching and balance, and warm water exercise in a therapy pool.
Participants transition into the Goldman Functional Fitness Program upon completing their physical and/or occupational therapies. An exercise physiologist works directly with the participant and his/her physical/occupational therapist to customize a program that addresses specific individual needs and goals. Participant’s progress is tracked every ten sessions with the individual outcomes informing the goal setting of the next sessions.

Personal Training

Personal training is designed to target the traditional components of fitness: aerobic training, muscular training, flexibility and weight management. These sessions are ideal for anyone looking to improve their overall fitness or those with specific goals in mind such as weight loss or training for a competition.

Restore Fitness Cancer Personal Training

Individualized programming designed to help cancer survivors and those who are currently undergoing cancer treatment return to pretreatment levels of ability. A RESTORE Fitness Cancer Program Assessment is required before enrolling into this individualized programming. The 45 minute assessment is given to help identify individual fitness levels. During this assessment, we will evaluate the responses to exercise training. Based on this and other fitness and cancer related measures, we will modify the exercise program for each individual participating in the personal training sessions.
All exercise sessions will be led by an exercise physiologist who specializes in working with those who have a diagnosis of cancer to accommodate the symptoms of both cancer and its treatments.

Lokomat Training

Lokomat training is a robot-assisted walking therapy to help a person whose ability to walk has been impaired as a result of stroke, spinal cord, brain injury, or neurological or orthopedic condition, learn to walk again.
The primary goal of robot-assisted walking therapy is to regain or improve the ability to walk, so it may be most appropriate for people whose ability to walk has been impaired by brain injury, including stroke, incomplete spinal cord injury, or some other neurological or orthopedic condition, such as multiple sclerosis or hip replacement.
An evaluation by a RIC physician is required for approval to participate in Lokomat Training.

AlterG Treadmill Training

The AlterG Treadmill allows participants to walk without the effects of gravity reducing stress on the joints and making the act of walking easier. AlterG treadmill training provides a safe environment, allowing clients to walk without the fear of injury and falling.
Clients interested in AlterG Treadmill Training must be prescreened to determine if AlterG is an appropriate exercise.

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