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Services and Levels of Care
for Patients with Work Injuries

It takes teamwork to help injured workers get back to work and life as soon as possible. RIC’s Sites and Services are designed to meet the needs of patients who have suffered catastrophic workplace accidents, musculoskeletal injuries on the job, or those with chronic pain.

Each site combines specialty clinics – with experienced clinicians, workers compensation care managers – and state-of-the-art treatment spaces to focus on the achievement of maximum medical improvement for a successful return to work.

Inpatient Rehabilitation for Work Injuries

Immediately following a major work injury, the RIC team is ready for consultation and assistance in transferring patients to our Acute Inpatient Hospital. As a Center of Excellence, we provide complete interdisciplinary intervention in the critical weeks following a life-altering accident and set the stage for successful recovery by minimizing secondary complications. Our teams work closely with workers’ compensation nurses and/or claims adjusters to meet the patient and family member’s goals.

Day Rehab for Accidents and Injuries at Work

RIC's six DayRehabCenters® offer workers' compensation patients intensive, team therapy – full day or half day – for those medically stable and no longer in need of hospitalization. Rehabilitation goals focus on the life skills needed to return to home and community. Our DayRehab Return to Work Track guides the injured worker back to employment including Functional Capacity Evaluations and Vocational Counseling with RIC’s renowned medical and therapy services.

Outpatient Rehabilitation for Injuries at Work

With more than two dozen centers in Illinois and Indiana, RIC provides convenient outpatient rehabilitation services to help each workers' compensation patient recover quickly. Many people with work injuries find that well-timed outpatient treatment for musculoskeletal injuries and acute pain offers precisely the help they need, avoiding costly interventions down the road or lingering problems that can develop into chronic impairments.

Chronic Pain Management for Workplace Injuries

RIC’s Center for Pain Management provides an interdisciplinary team to manage complex pain cases. The team specializes in chronic pain that is often associated with inactivity, medication dependence, and depression. The program explains the biological, psychological, and social factors related to pain and empowers patients to return to activities of life, including work.