RIC Place Temporary Housing - Rehabilitation Institute of Chicago

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RIC Place: Temporary Housing
for Patients and Families

Located at 211 East Grand Avenue, (Grand Avenue and St. Clair Street) – just five blocks from RIC’s flagship hospital – on the 7th floor of the new 15-floor Ronald McDonald House.

The Rehabilitation Institute of Chicago (RIC) increasingly attracts adults and children from around the globe who seek RIC’s #1-ranked rehabilitation care. With an increase in both national and international patients, RIC is pleased to introduce RIC Place, an accessible temporary housing resource for families and patients. We know that family support and education play a big role in patient recovery. With RIC Place, patients’ families can be nearby, in a tranquil environment that allows them to be close to their loved ones and play a role in the recovery process.

Key Features

  • RIC Place (click to enlarge)
  • RIC Place (click to enlarge)
  • RIC Place (click to enlarge)
  • RIC Place (click to enlarge)
  • RIC Place (click to enlarge)
  • RIC Place (click to enlarge)
  • RIC Place (click to enlarge)
  • RIC Place (click to enlarge)
  • RIC Place (click to enlarge)
  • RIC Place (click to enlarge)
  • Eight guest rooms with private baths
  • Large communal kitchen with cooking utensils, dishes, microwaves,
    coffee machines and food storage containers for families
  • Three cooking areas, including one wheelchair-accessible area
  • Community Family Room
  • Laundry Room
  • Free Wi-Fi
  • Computer and printer are available for families
  • Weekly housekeeping services
  • Nearby parking is available
  • Download a complete fact sheet on RIC Place here

RIC cares for more than 50,000 adults and children from around the globe yearly, drawing patients from 49 states and nearly 50 countries. We are proud to serve as a global leader in rehabilitation research and care, and RIC Place allows us to provide families from near and far a place to call home while they are here supporting their loved one.

Guest Eligibility

  • All guests must be RIC patients or family members of RIC patients
  • Caregiving services are not provided at RIC Place
  • Patients and families are only allowed to stay as long as they are in treatment at RIC
  • Guests must be 18 years old or accompanied by a legal guardian
  • Patients under 21 are eligible to stay at the Ronald McDonald House
  • Some insurance providers may cover the cost of an RIC Place stay

For information or a reservation, call 1-312-238-1188 and ask for Global Patient Services.