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Services and Levels of Care
for Military Patients

Inpatient Rehabilitation

Immediately following a catastrophic injury or new diagnosis, the RIC team is available for consultation and assistance. We work closely with the referring Military Treatment Facility (MTF) and the patient/family to support a seamless transition to our Acute Inpatient Hospital.

As a Center of Excellence, we provide comprehensive, interdisciplinary intervention during the critical weeks following a life-altering accident and set the stage for successful recovery by minimizing secondary complications and creating hope for future progress.

For military patients with service-connected injuries, our trauma teams are experienced in treating trauma adjustment – including Post Traumatic Stress Syndrome (PTSD) – and addressing blast injuries, including mild traumatic brain injuries and post-concussion symptoms.

Day Rehabilitation

RIC's six DayRehabCenters® deliver intensive, multidisciplinary therapy – full day or half day – to individuals who are medically stable and no longer in need of hospitalization. This level of care provides a higher level of intensity than traditional outpatient services, along with the same interdisciplinary team coordination that is usually associated with an inpatient program.

Rehabilitation goals focus on the life skills necessary to be successful at home and in the community. The team will work with military patients and their command to determine precisely what skills are needed to return to active duty.

For individuals anticipating a Medical Evaluation Board (MEB) process, the team can explore vocational options in the civilian sector as well as life-time care needs. Patients in Day Rehabilitation live with their family members/caregivers in nearby housing. Transportation in wheelchair-accessible vans is available to and from our Day Rehabilitation Clinics.

Outpatient Rehabilitation

The RIC ExpertEval® program offers a coordinated, individualized evaluation for those seeking a second opinion, information on the latest therapies, or guidance about an ideal rehabilitation program for their goals. Most individuals traveling to RIC from out of the area will start with an Outpatient ExpertEval to help determine their next steps toward recovery.

RIC also provides convenient outpatient rehabilitation services. Many people find that well-timed outpatient physical medicine for musculoskeletal injuries and acute pain offer precisely the help they need, avoiding costly interventions down the road or lingering problems that can become chronic impairments.

Chronic Pain Management

RIC’s Center for Pain Management provides an interdisciplinary team to manage complex pain. This team specializes in treatment of the pain often associated with inactivity, medication dependence, and depression. The program explains the biological, psychological, and social factors related to pain and empowers patients to return to life activities.