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Global Patient Services is here to help with travel to Chicago, housing, admitting, and financing.


RIC Global Patient Services
345 East Superior Street 
South Mezzanine
Chicago, IL 60611

RIC patients come for around the world

For Our International Patients

Worldwide Reputation

Founded in 1954, RIC has gained a worldwide reputation for patient care, research, and educating health professionals on physical medicine and rehabilitation.

People from around the globe choose RIC because of our expertise in treating a range of conditions, from the most complex ones – cerebral palsy, spinal cord injury, stroke and traumatic brain injury, to the more common – arthritis, chronic pain and sports injuries.

Specialized Adult and Pediatric Services

Many people also choose RIC for our specialized services – Assistive Technology, Prosthetics and Orthotics and Vocational Rehabilitation – which help individuals lead more independent and fulfilling lives.

Another reason people come to RIC is for our rehabilitation care for patients of all ages, from children to adults.

Located in the heart of Chicago, RIC's international patients also appreciate the rich cultural diversity of the city and find comfort in finding a home away from home.

Along with expert care, RIC offers inpatients a variety of amenities during their stay including private rooms (many with views), in-room telephones, 24-hour translation services, cable TV with VCR, and access to the Internet.

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Certified by Medical Travel CommissionRIC is 100% certified for international medical travel by the Medical Travel Commission. The Commission is an independent organization dedicated to setting standards for service excellence to patients from around the world. Learn more about what this means for our international patients here.