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Amputee Support Group –
UnLIMBited Potential

The UnLIMBited Potential – Amputee Support Group at the Rehabilitation Institute of Chicago (RIC) exists for the purpose of developing a network of individuals, knowledge, experiences and resources to provide aid, advice, and assistance to the physically challenged and their families; thereby helping ourselves and them to cope with life as an amputee or otherwise disabled individual. As a group we are interested in promoting the physical, mental, social and spiritual well being of those with amputation. Although our main focus is on amputees, no individual with a disability; whatever the cause, will be excluded from our mutual support.

“UnLIMBited Potential” is so much more than this. Those who attend the meetings are interested in sharing their own life stories but they are also interested in hearing the life stories of those who attend for the first time. This is an open, fun-loving, interactive, caring, concerned group of individuals who have seen this group as their social outlet, their monthly “fix” in coping, their club of like-minded and like-experienced individuals.

The group has its monthly meetings, intertwined with special events like attending the Chicago Air and Water Show, an Annual Dinner near the first of December, and various tours and activities which will demonstrate that a physical disability such as an amputation need not restrict one from engaging in fun and exciting activities in the Chicago community or the community in which the person lives.

Inpatients at RIC's flagship hospital may attend the support group as they are able and may participate in UnLIMBited Potential activities. Various topics are discussed each month ranging from residual limb care, skin care, depression prevention to assisted golf, driving, sailing, bowling and fishing, as well as many related or unrelated topics. The group is a member of the Amputee Coalition of America and receives the regular mailings of inMotion magazine and other periodicals. Participants learn about many aspects of prosthetics and assistive devices to make life easier and more enjoyable.

Although this support group is for amputees, people with disabilities are welcome to join our monthly meetings. The UnLIMBited Potential group meets on the first Friday of each month unless otherwise stated in the calendar of events.

To learn more about this support group please call the RIC LIFE Center at 312-238-5433.