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Educational Services & Support Groups

Chenny Troupe

Chenny Troupe is an organization that provides dog-assisted therapy at RIC's 345 E. Superior facility. For more information, call Therapeutic Recreation at 312-238-6168. Find out more about the Chenny Troupe.

Head Injury Patient Support Group

The goal of this group is to provide a supportive setting and experience in which the head-injured population can address psychosocial and adjustment issues related to their disability. For more information, call 312-238-5381. Find out more about the Head Injury Patient Support Group.

Legal Clinic for the Disabled

The Legal Clinic provides pro-bono legal assistance to people with disabilities. It is located in downtown Chicago at 79 W. Monroe St. For more information, call 312-376-1880. Find out more about the Legal Clinic for the Disabled.

Multiple Sclerosis Support Group

This group addresses the psychosocial aspects of multiple sclerosis in a structured outpatient setting. Education, recreation and peer support are offered towards ameliorating social and emotional isolation and adjustment problems, which is the primary goal of the group. The group process provides a forum for interpersonal support while enhancing knowledge and use of leisure time. For more information, call 312-238-5381. Find out more about the Multiple Sclerosis Support Group.

Peer Visitor Program

This program, run by the RIC LIFE Center and Access Living, offers peer support for people with a variety of disabling conditions. For more information, see the LIFE Center Web site or call 312-238-5433. Find out more about the Peer Visitor Program.