What the Press and experts are saying about RIC and Sen. Kirk's recovery - Rehabilitation Institute of Chicago

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What the Press and experts are saying about RIC and Senator Kirk's recovery


  • “Kirk’s return followed a year of an intensive, experimental rehabilitation regimen that is often compared to military boot camp because of its intensity.” – Associated Press
  • “…aggressive rehabilitation services at one of America's finest facilities for patients recovering from stroke.” – MSNBC.com
  • “For the lousy luck of getting hit with a stroke…[Kirk] landed there [RIC] in February, a month after the opening of the institute’s new experimental Patient Recovery Unit and Ability Lab™.” – Chicago Sun Times
  • “…RIC is a treasure, and Chicago is lucky to have it right here; RIC is the best in the country.” – WLS Radio
  • “…He [Kirk] credits his staff at the Rehabilitation Institute of Chicago for pushing him when he thought he couldn't do it.” – NBC Ch. 5 Chicago
  • "It was a novel approach and it worked." – CNN.com
  • “…heralded as an example for stroke victims and other people who have suffered brain injuries.” – USA Today
  •  “Walking those stairs was something the senator [Kirk] visualized during the seemingly endless physical therapy sessions at the Rehabilitation Institute of Chicago that left him exhausted, sore and, sometimes, nauseated.” – The Daily Mail (London)
  • “ It isn’t like boot camp, it is boot camp. We [RIC] train them really hard… said, George Hornby Ph.D, research scientist at RIC.” – WGN Ch. 9 News
  • The progress I [Kirk] have made has been very encouraging;  learning to walk again and improve speak, all due to the experts at the Rehabilitation Institute of Chicago.”  – Fox News