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Instructions for Job Submission

All jobs requiring the services of the Shop should be brought to the attention of any Shop attendant in Room 1493 or by calling 312-238-1274 or 312-238-1114. The Shop can advise and order components and stock material necessary for all projects and can provide some drafting and design assistance for cost effective completion of projects. The Shop can also coordinate and assist you with estimating, scheduling, and interfacing with inside and outside specialty shops if needed.

Normal priority for jobs is on first-come, first-served basis; however, the Shop will make an effort to fit short jobs in as quickly as possible.

Estimation Requests must be filled out for all mechanical and electronics jobs. They must include the name of the person who is initiating the job, the research advisor and/or person who is paying for the job, and a valid account number. If the job is a modification or addition to a preexisting item of equipment, please state the name of the equipment.

For construction of equipment and modifications (all non-rush jobs), faculty members, research associates, or graduate students should bring their jobs to the Shop Supervisor, in order to discuss the job, to obtain advice or clarification and/or to request execution of the job. Design help is also available from Shop staff. Depending on the current level of Shop activity, designs may take a lower level of priority.

Out of the Shop construction or repairs (non-rush) and outsourcing jobs requests should also be brought to a Shop attendant.

Express jobs of any kind, especially when patient dependent, can be brought to the Shop’s attention to be done as quickly as possible.

Click here to complete and submit a Work Request Form

  • Estimates will be itemized as detailed as possible and completed for each customer request. Ballpark estimation and reasonable initial design consultation provided free of charge. Continued design work will necessitate a formal estimate which will include charges for all post-initial design consultation.
  • Fabrication work will only commence upon customer approval with a signed estimate.
  • All design, material, and fabrication changes must be approved and signed by the customer – work will NOT continue without signed approvals on drawings, etc. Qualified engineer should sign where possible – the signing party assumes liability.
  • The Shop staff will evaluate refinement level of customer jobs; i.e. no complex engineering and/or high-cost machining where not required.
  • For safety reasons, the facility is not available after hours or during times without supervision. Shop hours will generally be 8:30am until 5pm, Monday through Friday, with provisions for lunch closures.
  • Primarily for safety reasons, the milling machines are not available to anyone but machinist or users with trained/special permissions. Trained users are to only use milling machine during periods of supervision and will coordinate scheduling with Shop supervisor. There will be a small hourly rate fee to cover Shop expenses.
  • All material costs will be invoiced (mechanical and electrical, shipping, some consumables, etc.).
  • There will be a small fee for training students, Post Docs, and others in machine shop safety and use.
  • There are clearly defined rate schedules for, design, fabrication, materials, and training (enclosed).
  • “Express fabrication” is available on reasonably‐sized projects or on a few components of larger projects. Premium charge will be allocated that includes higher rates and costs for material or too rush deliveries.