Electronics Shop - Rehabilitation Institute of Chicago

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Electronics Shop

The Electronics Shop is staffed by electrical engineering support with years of experience. The Shop can offer equipment to facilitate design, development and construction of custom circuits and electronic equipment. The Shop has comprehensive facilities for the design and fabrication of printed circuit boards and for the construction of complex electronic equipment chassis.  An extensive electronics stock affords quick availability of numerous electronic components and hardware. Included in the Student/Staff Shop is an antistatic electronics bench for soldering facilities, testing, and assembly.


  • NI Multisim schematic simulator
  • NI Ultiboard PCB design and layout
  • NI Virtual Instruments
  • Matlab 2011
  • Arduino 1.0.1


  • Top of the line soldering/de-soldering/rework station.
  • Digital and analog oscilloscopes
  • Field battery powered Digital scope Fluke
  • Spectrum Analyzer
  • Function Generators
  • Bench Power Supplies
  • Fluke Digital millimeters
  • Commercial Thermo Wire Striper
  • Second, full equipped work bench
  • Digital Microscope
  • Student aids

Electronic Capabilities:

  • Design and consult on electronic (analog) and digital circuit, printed circuit boards and class custom computer interfaces
  • Computer simulated design of analog and digital circuit boards
  • Load, torque, and force transducers’ amplifiers
  • A variety of active filters
  • Solenoid, PMW, and valve controls
  • Microcontroller interfaces
  • Custom muscle electrodes on PCB
  • Custom breakout boards
  • Troubleshoot down to component level
  • Soldering and disordering of Quad Packs, Surface Mounted IC’s, single/double sided IC’s and SMD Chips
  • PCB assembly and testing