Siegmar Blumentritt, Ph.D. - Rehabilitation Institute of Chicago

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Fri, Sept 23

Speaker: Siegmar Blumentritt, Ph.D. (Department of Research, Otto Bock HealthCare, Duderstadt, Germany and Georg-August-University, Göttingen)

Abstract:  Dr. Blumentritt will be at the Rehabilitation Institute of Chicago visiting the Rehabilitation Technologies and Outcomes Laboratory, on the 17th floor and has agreed to present to us on some of the work that he has performed. The focus of his presentation will be on the comparison of two Micro-Processor Knee units manufactured by Otto Bock Healthcare - the C-Leg and the new Genium. I know that much of his recent work has been related to falls and fall prevention along with the effectiveness of these units to prevent such occurrences.

Host: Robert D. Lipschutz