Simulation and Experimental Analyses of Human Movement: Application to Post-stroke Hemiparetic Gait - Rehabilitation Institute of Chicago

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Thur, Sept 9

Speaker: Carrie Peterson, PhD (Postdoctoral Candidate)

Title: Simulation and Experimental Analyses of Human Movement: Application to Post-stroke Hemiparetic Gait

Abstract: Understanding deficits that result in reduced walking performance by post-stroke hemiparetic subjects is important for the design of effective rehabilitation strategies. A central disability associated with post-stroke hemiparesis is that muscle excitation is impaired, and thus muscles fail to produce properly graded and timed force. The influence of muscle coordination on walking performance can be determined using forward dynamic musculoskeletal-based simulations to quantify the contribution of each muscle force to a set of biomechanical subtasks. In addition to impaired muscle coordination, the metabolic cost of hemiparetic walking is up to two times the cost of nondisabled walking at slow speeds. Recently, the greater cost of hemiparetic walking was related to an increase in total positive mechanical work.  However, it is not clear from these measures of total work which muscles are contributing to the increased mechanical work. Simulation analyses overcome this limitation since both positive and negative work production by individual muscles can be precisely quantified and provide important insight into the increased metabolic cost of hemiparetic walking. The impaired muscle coordination and increased metabolic cost is compounded by the inability to accelerate and decelerate during walking and remains a challenge for hemiparetic subjects.

This presentation demonstrates the use of modeling and simulation analyses to investigate muscle coordination and mechanical work in hemiparetic walking. Also, experimental techniques to elucidate mechanisms of acceleration and deceleration in nondisabled walking as a framework for investigating non-steady state walking in hemiparetic subjects will be discussed.

Host: Wendy Murray