Toward Physiologically-based Artificial Limb Control - Rehabilitation Institute of Chicago

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Fri, Sept 3

Speaker: Nate Bunderson, PhD

Title: Toward Physiologically-based Artificial Limb Control

Abstract: Artificial upper limb control has made great advances in the last decade.  While recent developments in multi-functional arms and hands has opened up new possibilities it has also brought to the forefront the difficulties involved in extracting control information from a user and supplying that information to the hardware. In addition to briefly summarizing modern prosthetic control strategies I will give an overview of my work in limb control and discuss how prosthetic control may be enhanced with physiologically-based models.  I will discuss one of the most promising methods of control, pattern recognition myoelectric control. We have identified key differences in how novice and experienced users generate EMG patterns during pattern recognition control and hope to focus on these differences during training to achieve efficient control more quickly. I will present a new impulsive virtual prosthesis to facilitate the development of physiologically based controllers. Finally, I will present the immediate problems of a physiologically-based artificial controller and how I intend to use biology's solutions to address them.