Open Questions in Computational Motor Control - Rehabilitation Institute of Chicago

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Fri Feb 4

Speaker: Amir Karniel (Ben-Gurion University)

Title: Open Questions in Computational Motor Control
Abstract:  In this talk I will review some of my studies and highlight the wide questions left unsolved. I will discuss questions such as: (i) Does the motor system use intermittence control strategies? (ii) What is the difference between animate and inanimate systems? (iii) Does the motor memory address the past or the future? (iv) What is the boundary between learning and adaptation? (v) Can we build a robot indistinguishable from human in its motor control capabilities? Addressing (i) and  (ii) I'll describe our recent finding of reverse hysteresis during transition from discrete to harmonic movements and vice versa. Addressing (iii) and (iv) I'll briefly describe lifting task of series of objects and lack of similar prediction in Cerebral Palsy. Addressing (v) I'll present a Turing-like handshake test for motor intelligence.
Host: Sandro Mussa-Ivaldi