SMPP social: MEET THE series - postdoctoral fellows at SMPP - Rehabilitation Institute of Chicago

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Fri Feb 25

SMPP social: "MEET THE" series - postdoctoral fellows at SMPP

*Purpose: to get to know our postdoctoral fellows and their research endeavours at SMPP
You, all members of the SMPP community, are invited to come together to meet the postdocs in our department!  In an attempt to foster a sense of community in our ever growing department, the department has held a "MEET THE" event quarterly on Friday afternoons.  Following the first event with graduate students, this is our second one that focuses on meeting SMPP postdocs.  From 4:00 PM, postdocs will be given the opportunity to get their feet wet and give a 2-3 minute introduction of their research projects and whatever they want to share with us!  They will then get their pictures taken so a directory of postdoctoral fellow at SMPP can be developed.
Refreshments will be provided.