Kinematic and Neurologic Finger-Thumb Coupling during Movement - Rehabilitation Institute of Chicago

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Fri Feb 11

Speaker: Chris Jones (Dr. Kamper's group)

Title: Kinematic and Neurologic Finger-Thumb Coupling during Movement
Abstract: The extent of finger-thumb coupling during pinch is presently unknown.
This presentation will provide an overview of a novel actuated hand exoskeleton and subsequent application to identify kinematic and reflex coupling between the finger and thumb during a pinching task.

Speaker: Alex Birdwell (Dr. Kuiken's group)

Title: Muscle Independence of the Hand: What are our capabilities?
Abstract:  The latest robotic hands and manipulators currently in development closely mimic the form and function of human hands.  In most cases these hands are stronger and more durable than the human counter parts.  However, these devices cannot be fully utilized without an efficient and intuitive control interface with a human operator.  My research looks at a novel method to command an artificial hand that allows for individual digit control and not just gross hand motion.  EMG from individual finger and thumb muscles that reside in the forearm are used as control inputs in order to keep the interface as transparent as possible to the user.  I will present my initial findings on muscle independce and the current state of development for this interface.