2010 Research Seminars - Rehabilitation Institute of Chicago

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2010 Research Seminars

Fri, Dec 17

Speaker: Karen Morris (Dr. Rymer's group)

Title: Mechanisms of spasticity in stroke, the contribution of serotonergic changes in motoneuron behavior


Complete Abstract for both

Speaker: Sheena Sharma (Dr. Stinear's group)

Title: Anticipatory Postural Adjustments During a Stepping Task in chronic stroke

Fri, Dec 10

Speaker: Sang Hoon Kang (Dr. Zhang's group)

Complete Abstract of Stochastic estimation of human arm impedance with robots having nonlinear joint friction - Degradation of accuracy and reliability of estimation and its practical remedy

Fri, Dec 3

Speaker: TBA

Title: post-SfN presentations II

Each of our colleagues at SMPP will talk about one or two interesting studies presented during Society for Neuroscience (SfN), 2010. A few minutes of questions and answers will follow.

Tue, Nov 30

Speakers: Jim Stinear, Steven Shengche Yen, Shailesh Kantak, Zac Danziger, Jinsook Roh, Lynn Rogers

Title: post-SfN presentations I

Fri, Nov 19

Speaker: Ian Stevenson (Dr. Kording's group)

Complete Abstract of Bayesian Surfing: some postural peculiarities in models of optimal perception & control

Fri, Nov 12

Speaker: Megan Conrad

Complete Abstract of Neuromuscular Changes Contributing to Hand Weakness after Stroke

Fri, Nov 5

Speaker: Thanassis Rikakis, Yinpeng Chen, Margaret Duff (Arizona State University)

Complete Abstract of An Adaptive Mixed Reality System for Stroke Rehabilitation

Fri, Oct

SMPP social: "MEET THE" series - graduate students at SMPP

*Purpose: to get to know our graduate students (49 students at SMPP!) and their research endeavours at SMPP

Thur, Oct 28

Speaker: Nicolas Schweighofer (University of Southern California)

Complete Abstract of Dual-adaptation supports a parallel architecture of motor memory

Fri, Oct 15

Speaker: Amber Collins (University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill; post-doctoral fellow candidate)

Complete Abstract of Stochastic Resonance Electrical Stimulation to Improve Proprioception, Gait Biomechanics, and Balance in the Osteoarthritic Knee

Fri, Oct 8

Speaker: Michael Schultz (http://www.michaelschutz.net/)

Complete Abstract of Impact gestures and percussive sounds: Causality and cross-modal integration

Wed, Oct 6, 1 PM 

Speaker: Martha Cammarata (Ph.D. defense; in Dr.Dhaher's group)

Complete Abstract of Neuromechanical Contributions to Knee Joint Stability in the Frontal Plane

Wed, Sept 29

Speaker: Lars Adde, PhD

(Norwegian University of Science and Technology)

Complete Abstract

Fri, Sept 24

Speaker: Davide Piovesan, PhD

Complete Abstract of Fast quantification of arm impedance during multijoint reaching following stroke.

Tue, Sept 14 

Speaker: Inge Zijdewind, PhD (University Medical Center Groningen, The Netherlands)

Complete Abstract of Associated contralateral activity, what can it tell us?

Fri, Sept 10

Graduate Student Presentations

Speakers: Camila Shirota, and Elliott Rouse

Each Graduate student will present a 15 minute synopsis of their proposed research, followed by 15 minutes of questions, as practice for their qualifying examination.

Thur, Sept 9

Speaker: Carrie Peterson, PhD (Postdoctoral Candidate)

Complete Abstract of Simulation and Experimental Analyses of Human Movement: Application to Post-stroke Hemiparetic Gait

Fri, Sept 3

Speaker: Nate Bunderson, PhD

Complete Abstract of Toward Physiologically-based Artificial Limb Control

Fri, Aug 20

Graduate Student Presentations

Speakers: Jennifer Nichols, Derek Miller, and Ian Sharp

Each Graduate student will present 10 minute synopsis of their research (or research plan), followed by 5 minutes of questions. Presentations will focus on: 1) Background to the research question, 2) Hypothesis, and 3) Significance/importance of the research.

Thur, Aug 5 

Speaker: Daniel Ludvig, M.Eng.

Complete Abstract for Task-Dependent Modulation of Joint Stiffness

Fri, July 9

Speaker: Claire Honeycutt, PhD

Complete Abstract of Effect of cortical stroke on brainstem structures: Preliminary insights from startle induced release of pre-planned movements following stroke

Fri, July 2

Speaker: Prof. Pyung-Hun Chang, PhD (KAIST, Korea)

Title: Robust Control of Motion and Impedance of Dual Arms for Asymmetric Bimanual Tasks Using Relative Impedance

Host: Jim Patton

Thur, July 1 

Speaker: Won-Kyung Song, PhD (NRC-Research Institute, Korea)

Complete Abstract for Rehabilitative and Assistive System Research in the Research Institute of Korea National Rehabilitation Center

Fri, June 11

Speaker: Robert Scheidt, PhD

Complete Abstract for Reorganization of coordination among redundant control signals during adaptation to rotation and scaling distortions of a newly learned sensorimotor transformation

Wed, June 9 

Speaker: Lillian Chang, PhD

Complete Abstract for Capturing and Transferring Human Manipulation Actions

Fri, May 21

Speaker: Shailesh Kantak, PhD (Postdoctoral Candidate)

Complete Abstract for Neural substrates of motor memory consolidation: A double dissociation of primary motor cortex and dorsolateral prefrontal cortex induced by practice structure

Wed, May 19

Speaker: Art Kuo, PhD

Complete Abstract for Patients are from mars, robots are from venus: How to win effort and influence rehabilitation

Fri, May 14

Speaker: Felix Huang, PhD

Complete Abstract for Movement amplification in manual skill training

Wed, May 5

Speaker: Cliff Klein, PhD (Postdoctoral Candidate)

Complete Abstract for Relative contributions of activation impairment and muscle atrophy to dorsiflexor weakness in chronic stroke survivors

Mon, May 3 

Speaker: Xun Niu, PhD (Postdoctoral Candidate)

Complete Abstract for Multi-finger Prehension Synergy: Stability and Inverse Optimization

Wed, April 28 

Speaker: Heather Hayes, PhD (Postdoctoral Candidate)

Complete Abstract for Sensory processing in a walking spinal cord  

Tue, April 27 

Speaker: Ganesh Gowrishankar, PhD (ATR Computational Neuroscience Laboratories, Kyoto, Japan)

Complete Abstract for Mechanisms of motor learning: in humans, for robots 

Mon, April 26

Speaker: Avi Barliya

Complete Abstract for Control strategies revealed through representations

Fri, April 23 

Speaker: Minos Niu (Postdoctoral Candidate)

Complete Abstract for How position and velocity information from proprioception is used in controlling arm movements

Fri, April 16

Speaker: Nupur Hajela, PT (Postdoctoral Candidate)

Complete Abstract for Evoked Human Cutaneous Reflexes during Standing and Step Initiation

Mon, April 5 

Speaker: Qi Shao, PhD (Postdoctoral Candidate)

Complete Abstract for seminar EMG-driven modeling and its application in simulating rehabilitation



Host: Mehdi Mirbagheri

Fri, March 26

Speaker: Max Berniker, Ph.D.

Complete Abstract for seminar Learning Priors for Bayesian Computations

Fri, March 26

Speaker: Vengateswaran J. Ravichandran (PhD Candidate)

Complete Abstract for seminar Role of long latency responses to stretch during control of posture and prior to movement onset

Mon, March 22 

Speaker: James Finley (PhD Candidate)

Complete Abstract for seminar Regulation of Feed-Forward and Feedback Contributions to Ankle Stability during Balance Tasks

Fri, March 12

Speaker: Veronica Santos, Ph.D. (Arizona State University)

Complete Abstract for seminar Towards enhanced functionality of artificial hands

Host: Wendy Murray

Wed, Jan 13

Speaker: Matteo Bertucco, PhD (Postdoctoral Candidate)

Complete Abstract for seminar Is there a planning control following Fitts’ law? The timing of anticipatory postural adjustments follows Fitts’ law for step initiation.

Host: Dr. Zev Rymer