2009 Research Seminars - Rehabilitation Institute of Chicago

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2009 Research Seminars

Fri, Dec 18

Speaker: Nicholas Sachs, PhD (University of Cape Town)

Title: In the (neuroprosthetic) blink of an eye: Neuromuscular stimulation for eyelid reanimation

Host: Dr. Zev Rymer

Fri, Nov 6

The SMPP - Review of SfN

Attendees of the recent SfN (Society for Neuroscience) meeting will provide us with an overview of major projects of interest which were presented at the conference.

Wed, Nov 4

The SMPP - Review of SfN

Attendees of the recent SfN (Society for Neuroscience) meeting will provide us with an overview of major projects of interest which were presented at the conference.

Mon, Nov 2

Speaker: Shuo-Hsiu "James" Chang, PhD (Postdoctoral Candidate)

Title: Postural control and musculoskeletal adaptation in older adults and individual with neurological disorder

Host: Mehdi Mirbagheri

Mon, Oct 26, 12-1pm

Speaker: Kimberlee Jordan, PhD (Postdoctoral Candidate)

Title: Time dependent structure of variability in physiological time series

Hosts: Drs. Zev Rymer and Mehdi Mirbagheri

Fri, Oct 23,  12-1pm

Speaker: Winfried Ilg, PhD

Title: On the locomotion, dynamic stability and rehabilitation of patients with cerebellar ataxia

Host: Dr. Jim Patton

Fri, Oct 16

Speaker: Erik Bruun Simonsen, PhD (University of Copenhagen)

Title: Inter-individual differences in H reflex modulation during human walking

Host: Maria Knikou

Thu, Oct 15

Speaker: Dr. Penelope McNulty, BHMS (Hons), PhD (Prince of Wales Medical Research Institute in Australia)

Title: The recruitment order of single motor units in human muscles.

Host: Dr. Zev Rymer

Mon, Oct 12

Speaker: James Sulzer (PhD Candidate)

Title: Improving knee flexion for people with stiff-knee gait after stroke

Wed, Oct 7

Speaker: Emily Keshner, PT, EdD

Title: Does Visual-Vestibular Conflict Reveal an Internal Model for Spatial Orientation?

Host: Sandro Mussa-Ivaldi

Thu, Oct 1

Speaker: Maxim Klesnikov

Title: Improving the Realism of Haptic Interaction For Teaching of Sensorimotor Skill


Hosts: Sandro Mussa-Ivaldi and Kevin Lynch

Thu, Sept 10

Speaker: Daniel Corcos, PhD

Title: Translational Neuroscience and the Treatment of Parkinson's Disease

Host: Sandro Mussa-Ivaldi

Wed, Sept  2

Speaker: Kiyoshi Okawa (Honda R&D Co., Ltd.)

Title: Honda Walking Assist Device (Stride Management Assist)

Hosts: Drs. Zev Rymer and Arun Jayaraman

Fri, Aug 28

Speaker: Jungwha "Julia" Lee, PhD

Biostatistician, Biostatistics Collaboration Center, Department of Preventive Medicine, Feinberg School of Medicine, Northwestern University

Title: Statistical power analysis and sample size estimation

Fri, Aug 21

SMPP postdoc grant proposal presentation

Speakers: Keith Gordon, Claire Honeycutt & Ann Simon

Fri, Aug 14

SMPP postdoc seminar

Speaker: Kunlin Wei

Thu, Aug 6

Speaker: Todd Murphey, PhD (Assistant Professor, Mechanical Engineering, Northwestern University)

Title: Variational Methods for Hand Analysis and Simulation

Mon, Aug 3

Speaker: David Reinkensmeyer, PhD

Title: How do people respond to robot assistance during motor training?

Host: Sandro Mussa-Ivaldi


Fri, July 31

Speaker: Matthieu Chardon

Title: Center for Innovation in Global Health Technologies: RIC's first steps in South Africa

Wed, July 29

The SMPP - Review of AMSE-SBC and RSS

Attendees of the recent ASME-SBC (Summer Bioengineering Conference) and RSS (Robotics: Science & Systems) meetings will provide us with an overview of major projects of interest which were presented at the conference.

Fri, July 24

Speaker: Sun G. Chung MD, PhD (Department of Rehabilitation Medicine, Seoul National University Hospital)

Title: A Novel Approach to Painful Stiff Shoulders: Hydraulic Distension with Real-Time Pressure Monitoring

Fri, July 17

SMPP postdoc seminar

Speaker: Renee Theiss, PhD

Title: The Importance of Persistence: PICs and pharmacological targeting of cellular excitability in human spinal cord injury

Wed, July 15

The SMPP - Review of ICORR

Attendees of the recent ICORR (International Conference on Rehabilitation Robotics) meeting will provide us with an overview of major projects of interest which were presented at the conference.

Fri, July 10

Speaker: Professor Pyung Chang


Title: Robust Control of Motion and Impedance of Dual Arms for Asymmetric Bimanual Tasks: A Human-Inspired Approach.

Thu, July 9

Speaker: Dr. Ela Bhatt

Title: Stroke Rehabilitation: Options, Feasibility and Outcomes

Wed, July 8

Jooeun Ahn, postdoctoral candidate

Title:  Feasibility of dynamic entrainment with ankle mechanical perturbation to treat human locomotor deficit

Mon, July 6

Speaker: Robert Kirsch, Ph.D

Fri, July 3

SMPP postdoc grant proposal presentation

Speakers: Davide Piovesan,  Kunlin Wei & Inga Wang

Thu, July 2

Speaker: Anirban (Nir) Dutta

Title: Development of an Electromyogram-Based Controller for Functional Electrical Stimulation-Assisted Walking After Partial Paralysis

Host: Dr. Perreault


Fri, June 19

SMPP postdoc grant proposal presentation

Speakers: David Boothe, Maura Casadio, Winnie Wu & Jinsook Roh

Thu, June 18

Speaker: Andrew Pruzynski, PhD candidate from Queen's University, Canada

Title: What is the extent and origin of task-dependency in the long-latency response?

Host: Dr. Eric Perreault

Wed, June 17

Speaker: Ali Israr, PhD

Host: Sandro Mussa -ivaldi, PhD

Fri, June 5

SMPP postdoc grant proposal presentation

Speakers: Sangeetha Madhavan & Joe Towles

Fri, May 29

Speaker: Chandramouli Krishnan (postdoc candidate)

Title: Inter-limb Differences in Knee Strength: Role of Antagonist Activity, Voluntary Activation, and Muscle Physiology     

Host: Drs. Yasin Dhaher & Zev Rymer

Fri, May 22

Speaker: Dr. John Linehan

Professor in the Dept. of Biomedical Engineering at Northwestern University http://www.bme.northwestern.edu/faculty_staff/core/linehan.html

Thu, May 21 

Speaker: Leo Cohen, MD, Senior Investigator, Dr. Cohen's web page

Human Cortical Physiology & Stroke Neurorehabilitation Section Medical Neurology Branch, NINDS

Title: Novel interventional strategies in stroke rehabilitation

Thu, May 21 

Speaker: Virginia Chu, Stanford University

Title: Role of noise in motor learning     nonlinear systems.   

Host: Eric Perreault PhD

Fri, May 15

SMPP postdoc grant proposal presentation

Speakers: Sang Wok Lee  &   Nate Bunderson

Wed, May 6

Job Hunting 101 - academic job search do's and dont's

Fri, May 1

SMPP postdoc grant proposal presentation

Speakers: Randy Trumbower, Katharina Quinlan, Arun Jayaraman & Preeti Nair


Fri, April 24

Speaker: Andrea d'Avella, PhD

Department of Neuromotor Physiology, Santa Lucia Foundation, Rome, Italy

Title: Modular architecture for motor control

Fri, April 23

Speakers: Troy Turner & Ken Curley -- Invited speakers from TATRC, a DoD funding agency

Title: TATRC presentation

They will be speaking about their programs and how more investigators can learn to work with TATRC to obtain funding for their work in the area of prosthetics, neuroscience, and neuro-rehabilitation.

Host: Drs. Danielle Kerkovich, Todd Kuiken

Wed, April 22

Speaker: Megan Conrad, Marquette University

Title: Effects of Distal Manipulations on Arm Movements in Post-Stroke Hemiparesis

Host: Dr. Derek Kamper

Fri, April 17 

SMPP postdoc grant proposal presentation

Speakers: Gilles Hoffmann,    Heng Zhao,  Preeti Nair,  Mary Ellen Phillips-Stoykov

Thu, April 9

Lee Miller, PhD, Associate Professor, Department of Physiology

Northwestern University The Miller Laboratory of Limb Motor Control

Title: Voluntary control of paralyzed muscles: The development of brain-controlled functional electrical stimulation to restore hand use following spinal cord injury

Fri, April 2

The SMPP - The Neuro-Locomotion Lab

Speaker: George Hornby, PhD

Assistant Professor, Department of Physical Therapy, UIC & Research Scientist, SMPP, RIC

Title:  Repeated, Volitional, Fatiguing Contractions in Human SCI: General Findings, Potential Mechanisms, and Future Work

Thu, April 2

Speaker: Kevin Keenan, PhD, Assistant Professor, Human Movement Sciences, UW-Milwaukee


Title: Hand function: assessing the neural control of finger forces and motions

Wed, April 1

SMPP postdoc grant proposal presentation

Na Jin Seo, Renee Theiss, Felix Huang, Peter Rauske

Wed, March 11

Speaker: Mark Latash, PhD, Penn State University

Title: Hierarchies of synergies and the equilibrium-point hypothesis

Host: Dr. Bob Scheidt

Fri, March 6

Gabriel Aguirre-Ollinger, PhD,Candidate at NU LIMS

Title: "Experiments in Lower-Limb Assist Using a 1-DOF Exoskeleton with Active Impedance"

Host: Yasin Dhaher, PhD

Fri, Feb, 27

SMPP postdoc grant proposal presentation

Paul Marasco, Jeremy Mogk  & Jon Shemmell

Thu, Feb, 26

The Spinal Neuron Laboratories

Director: Matthew Tresch

Tue, Feb 24

John Krakauer, MD, Associate Professor of Neurology

Co-director, Motor Performance Laboratory The Neurological Institute, Columbia University, New York, NY

Title: "Some new thoughts about motor recovery after stroke"

Fri, Feb 20

SMPP Postdoc Seminar: Craig Goehler, PhD

Title: Human-Robot Interactions: Breaking Down the Boundaries

Mon, Feb 16

Speaker: Michael Goldfarb, PhD

Professor of Mechanical Engineering, Director, Center for Intelligent Mechatronics from Vanderbilt University

Title: Some New Possibilities in the Design and Functionality of Upper and Lower Limb Prostheses

Fri, Feb 13

SMPP Postdoc Seminar: Winnie Wu, PhD

Title: In vivo fiber tension and sarcomere imaging measurement in a mouse stroke model

Thu, Feb 5

The Neuromuscular Control & Plasticity Lab Seminar

Lab Director: Eric Perreault

Fri, Jan 30

Speaker: Davide Piovesan, PhD (SMPP Postdoc Seminar)

Title: Comparative Analysis of Methods for Estimating Arm Segment Parameters and Joint Torqu es

Wed, Jan 21

Speaker: Karl Rosengren, PhD

Dr. Rosengren is a former professor at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign (UIUC), and now a professor at Northwestern University.

Title: New Approaches to Quantifying Gait Differences Due to Development, Disability, and Injury

Host: Eric Perreault

Fri, Jan 16

Speaker: Anatol Feldman, PhD, DSci

Title: Common spatial frames of reference for action and perception

Fri, Jan 9

Speaker: Tasos Karakostas, MPT, PhD

Title: Surface electromyography: A tool towards the assessment of human motion

Host: Hyung-Soon Park

Wed, Jan 7

Immigration Issues (presentation by a legal firm)

The following individuals from the law firm Kempster Keller Lenz-Calvo will give a presentation on Non-Immigrant and Permanent Resident Options for RIC employees/candidates:
Martina Keller - partner
Theresa Corcoran - partner
Cheryl Lenz-Calvo - partner
David Kucinskas - legal assistant

Tue, Jan 6

Postdoc fellowship grant meeting