Applied Research in Musculoskeletal Simulation Lab - Rehabilitation Institute of Chicago

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Applied Research in Musculoskeletal Simulation (ARMS) Lab

The Applied Research in Musculoskeletal Simulation (ARMS) Lab strives to use biomechanics as a framework for investigating how we move and control our arms and hands. We are especially motivated to apply this research to help improve function following injuries and impairments that affect the hand and arm.

The foundation for our work is the development of biomechanical models that accurately represent the mechanical actions of the muscles in the upper limb. Computer simulations are integrated with quantitative anatomy (including medical imaging), intraoperative measurements, and dynamometry to better characterize the basic functional capabilities of individual muscles and to quantify how these capabilities are altered by physical impairments or surgical interventions. We are further interested in how improvement at the impairment level influences an individual’s ability to participate in activities of daily living. A special focus in our laboratory is surgical restoration of hand function following tetraplegia.

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