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SMPP Affiliates & Collaborators

David A. Brown, PT, PhD

Dr. Brown's UAB Profile

Maura Casadio, PhD

w/ Mussa-Ivaldi
Assistant Prof., University of Genova, Genova, Italy

Leora Cherney, PhD

Senior Research Scientist - Communication Disorders
Professor, PM&R, Feinberg School of Medicine, NU
Office: RIC 1353
Phone: 312-238-1117
Dr. Cherney's RIC Profile

J. Edward Colgate, PhD

Director, IDEA Institute
Office: 2145 Sheridan, #B225
Phone: 847-491-4264
Dr. Colgate's NU Profile

Julius P.A. Dewald, PT, PhD

Chair of NUPTHMS
Dr. Dewald's NU Profile

Michael Ellis, MPT, DPT

Director Robotic Interventions Laboratory
Assistant Director Neuroimaging and Motor Control Laboratory
Mike Elllis' NU Profile

Levi Hargrove, PhD

Director, Neural Engineering for Prosthetics and Orthotics Lab, RIC
Research Scientist, Center for Bionic Medicine, RIC
Phone: 312-238-2084
Dr. Hargrove's RIC Profile

Charles J. Heckman, PhD


Departments of Phys & PM&R, NU
Office: 5-295 Ward Bld
Phone: 312-503-2164
Dr. Heckman's NU Profile

Bradley Holubar, MS

Research Administrator
Phone: 312-503-4434

Arun Jayaraman, PT, PhD

Associate Director,
Max Nader Lab for Rehab Technologies Outcomes Research
Office: RIC 1334
Phone: 312-238-6875
Dr. Jayaraman's RIC profile

Chandramouli Krishnan, PT, PhD

Asst Professor, PM&R
School of Kinesiology & Biomedical Engineering
Director, Neuromuscular & Rehabilitation Robotics Laboratory (NeuRRo Lab)
University of Michigan at Ann Arbor
Phone: 734-936-4031
Website Profile:

Todd Kuiken, MD, PhD

Director, Center for Bionic Medicine
Phone: 312-238-1315
Dr. Kuiken's RIC Profile

Kevin M. Lynch, Ph.D.

Associate Professor

Mech. Eng., NU
Office: 2145 Sheridan

Alejandro Melendez-Calderon, PhD

Project Manager - Hocoma AG
Adct Asst Professor – PM&R, NU


Carol Mottram, PT, PhD

Carol Mottram's RIC profile

Michael Peshkin, PhD

Professor, Mech. Eng., NU
Office: 2145 Sheridan
Phone: 847-491-4630
Dr. Peshkin's NU Profile

Barry Peterson, PhD

Senior Research Scientist, NU
Office: Ward 5-097 (Physiology)
Phone: 312-503-6216
Dr. Peterson's NU Profile

Camilla Pierella

Visiting Scholar w/ Mussa-Ivaldi
Office: RIC 1310
Phone: 312-238-2696


David Reinkensmeyer, PhD

Research Affiliate;
Associate Professor, UC Irvine
Office: 4200 Engineering Gateway, UC Irvine
Phone: 949-824-5218
Dr. Reinkensmeyer's UC Irvine Profile

Mark W. Rogers, PhD, PT, FAPTA

Associate Professor, NUPTHMS
Phone: 312-908-6783

Robert Scheidt, PhD

Associate Professor
Biomedical Engineering, Marquette University
Phone: 414-288-6124
Dr. Scheidt's Marquette Profile

Brian Schmit, PhD

Associate Professor
Biomedical Engineering, Marquette University
Co-Director, Falk Center for Neurorehabilitation Engineering Research Center, Marquette University
Phone: 414-288-6125
Dr. Schmit's Marquette Profile

Randy D. Trumbower, PT, PhD

Assistant Professor
Rehab Medicine, Emory University
Program Faculty, Bioengineering and Applied Physiology, Georgia Institute of Technology
Phone: 414-288-6125
Dr. Trumbower's Emory Profile