RIC's Machines Assisting Recovery from Stroke - Publications 2008 - Rehabilitation Institute of Chicago

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2008 MARS Publications

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Patton, JL, Small, SL, Rymer, WZ  (2008) “Functional Restoration for the Stroke Survivor: Informing the Efforts of Engineers,” Topics in Stroke Rehab, 15(6):521–541;  doi 10.1310/tsr1506-521.

Patton, JL, Brown, JA, Peshkin, M, Santos-Munne, JJ, Makhlin, A, Lewis, E,  Colgate, jE & Schwandt, D (2008)  KineAssist: Design and Development of a Robotic Overground Gait and Balance Therapy Device, Topics in Stroke Rehab  15(21) 131-139.

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