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2007 MARS Publications

Bogey, R & Hornby, GT (2007) Gait training strategies utilized in poststroke rehabilitation: are we really making a difference?. Topics in Stroke Rehab, 14(6), 1-8.

Burgess, JK, Bareither, R & Patton, JL (2007)  Single Limb Performance Following Contralateral Bimanual Limb Training, IEEE Transactions on Neural Systems and Rehabilitation Engineering, 15(2)347-355.

Dvorkin, A, Rymer, W, Settle, K & Patton JL (2007) Assessment of Spatial Neglect Within a Virtual Environment. Virtual Rehabilitation Conference.

Fischer, HC, Stubblefield, K, Kline, TL, Luo, X, Kenyon, RV & Kamper DG (2007) Virtual reality and mechatronics for hand rehabilitation following stroke: a pilot study. Topics in Stroke Rehab, 14, 1- 12.

Housman, S. Rahman, T, Sanchez, R & Reinkensmeyer, D (2007)  Arm-Training with T-WREX after Chronic Stroke: Preliminary Results of a Randomized Controlled Trial. Proc  IEEE Intl Conf on Rehabilitation Robotics, Noordwijk, the Netherlands, June 13-15, 562-568.

Huang, F, Patton, JL & Mussa-Ivaldi, F (2007) Interactive priming enhanced by negative damping aids learning of an object manipulation task. IEEE Engineering in Medicine and Biology Conference, EMBc.

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Reinkensmeyer, D & Housman, S  (2007) "If I cant do it once, why do it a hundred times?": Connecting volition to movement success in a virtual environment motivates people to exercise the arm after stroke. Proceedings of the  IEEE Conf on Virtual Rehabilitation, 44-48.

Sulzer, J, Peshkin, M, Patton, JL (2007) Catastrophe and Stability Analysis of a Cable-Driven Actuator. IEEE Engineering in Medicine and Biology  (EMBC New York,.

Sulzer, JS, Peshkin, MA & Patton, JL (2007) “Design of a Mobile, Inexpensive Device for Upper Extremity Rehabilitation at Home” IEEE-Intl Conf on Rehabilitation Robotics (ICORR), Noordwijk, the Netherlands.