RIC's Machines Assisting Recovery from Stroke - Publications 2003 - Rehabilitation Institute of Chicago

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2003 MARS Publications

Knikou M and Rymer WZ. Static and dynamic changes in body orientation modulate spinal reflex excitability in humans. Exp Brain Res 2003 Oct;152(4):466-75.

Patton JL and Mussa-Ivaldi FA "Robot-assisted adaptive training: custom force fields for teaching movement patterns," IEEE Transactions on Biomedical Engineering, vol. in press, 2003.

Vaughan TM, Heetderks WJ, Trejo LJ, Rymer WZ, Weinrich M, Moore MM, Kubler A, Dobkin BH, Birbaumer N, Donchin E, Wolpaw EW and Wolpaw JR  Brain-computer interface technology: a review of the Second International Meeting. IEEE Trans Neural Syst Rehabil Eng. 2003 Jun;11(2):94-109.

Kamper DG, Harvey RL, Suresh S, Rymer WZ. Relative contributions of neural mechanisms versus muscle mechanics in promoting finger extension deficits following stroke. Muscle Nerve. 2003 Sep;28(3):309-18.