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MARS RERC Personnel


Scientific Questions/Comments:

James L Patton, Ph.D.
Director, MARS-RERC

Website Comments:

Margaret Holzer
Website Developer, MARS-RERC

NIDRR Program Officer: 

Dawn Carlson, PhD

Dave Reinkensmeyer
Director, MARS-RERC




Individuals listed by Project:

Key Investigators:

R1  Robotic activity mobility center in a fitness center for people with neurologic disability

Complete Contact information David A. Brown James Rimmer
Julio Santos

R2  A multi-user virtual training environment for upper extremity therapy in the home

Complete Contact information Derek Kamper Daria Tsoupikova
Randy Vick Nikolay Stoykov
  Heidi Fischer

R3  Community-ready upper extremity interactive rehabilitation

Complete Contact information  James Patton Robert Kenyon

D1  Development of expertise in use of exoskeletons for walking in individuals with spinal cord injury

Complete Contact information Arun Jayaraman W Zev Rymer

D2 A body-machine interface for promoting motor recovery while controlling assistive devices

Complete Contact information Ferdinando Mussa-Ivaldi

D3   Wheelchair-based, robotic, upper extremity exercise and power-assisted propulsion

Complete Contact information David J. Reinkensmeyer

Dan Zondervan

  Meghan Buell

Richard Harvey


D4   Wearable robotics for fall prevention


 Complete Contact information Dr.-Ing. Heike. Vallery

Jurriaan de Groot

Daniel Lemus

 Application of avatar systems


 Complete Contact information Robert Kenyon

Jason Leigh

Clinical Assessment Core
  Richard Harvey
Statisics & Experimental Design
   Don Hedeker
Administrative Team
  James Patton Margaret Holzer
  David Reinkensmeyer Kwaben Komai
Education and Dissemination
   Kwaben Komai