MARS represented at RESNA 2013 - Rehabilitation Institute of Chicago

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MARS represented at RESNA 2013

The MARS national center works toward the future of effective robotics technology for rehabilitation, spanning the range of applications from therapy to assistance after neural injury. For over ten years now, we have focused on recovery from stroke -- by far the largest user group requiring intensive rehabilitation and assistance. More recent work is piloting new applications in spinal cord injury, cerebral palsy, traumatic brain injury and aging, which are suitable to the maturing fields of technology-assisted neurorehabilitation. The broad objective is to progress the intelligent use of robotic devices for therapy and/or assistance. While such devices can monitor gains in movement ability, they will also encourage people to train effectively, and will be part of their  users’ lives by assisting them in accomplishing desired activities beyond the laboratory. Several international partners implement a program of research and development, centered on the use of robots for restoration of function and return to society. We will briefly present the work from six of the MARS projects, and also speculate on the future of this growing field.  


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