MARS-RERC Goals - Rehabilitation Institute of Chicago

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Over-Arching Outcome Goals

The six projects proposed in this RERC (three development, two research and one training project) will focus on the following key outcome goals to guide all people working in this emerging field:

  • Advance the state of knowledge of stroke functional restoration
  • Assessment of robots as diagnostic tools compared to other methods
  • Prioritizing the value of different robotic treatment methods
  • Increase the national capacity for therapeutic robotics research
  • Develop robot systems, software, and protocols suitable for robotic diagnosis and treatment of stroke patients
  • Build on our existing environment and network of colleagues that fosters free exchange of ideas, ease in testing of new hypotheses, and rapid prototyping of devices
  • Increase the national capacity for therapeutic robotics training
  • Provide an array of professional seminars and other elements that facilitate training and research
  • Produce more experts in this field
  • Refine the educational process that produces these individuals
  • Increase the awareness of this educational process
  • Strengthen the relationships amongst researchers, companies, and associations that facilitate technology transfer and growth of the field, by furthering potential for commercial products licensing and distribution.

This research is supported by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services information:

HHS Grant Award Number: 90RE5010-01-01
HHS CFDA Number: 93.433