University of Illinois, Chicago subcontract for MARS-RERC - Rehabilitation Institute of Chicago

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Scope of Work for the UIC Subcontract 

Principal Investigator

Derek Kamper, Ph.D.

Co-Principal Investigator

Robert Kenyon

Finger extension is often greatly impaired following stroke. The goal of this project is to develop and test two different devices intended to facilitate rehabilitation of finger extension in individuals with chronic hemiplegia. Both devices incorporate an augmented reality (AR) environment, which serves to provide virtual targets used in training.  The targets are customized to the ability and anthropometry of each subject.

Dr. Kenyon will guide the development of this AR environment. He will select and lead the implementation of appropriate hardware and software platforms; he will provide needed expertise in interfacing the devices and the AR environment; he will instruct and supervise a graduate student in the generation of the virtual targets. Dr. Kenyon's participation is fundamental to the success of this project.

The Research Assistant will be provided in the development of an augmented reality system used to create virtual objects for retraining of grasp. This position also entails the development of devices to assist in grasp, as well as the interfacing of augmented reality with the devices.