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SMPP Research Cores  

Three main research cores are offered under the sponsorship of the award.  Each Core generates important new information for rehabilitation research, and each would be an excellent site for a sabbatical or collaborative investigation.

A. Neuroscience Core:


Investigator's email


 Rymer, W. Zev  Single Motor Unit Lab
 Heckman, CJ   Spinal Neuron Lab 
 Tresch, Matt   Spinal Motor Coordination Lab
 Hornby, T. George  Locomotion Lab
 Koerding, Konrad  Economics of Movement Lab

B. Mechanics and Robotics Core:

members are dedicated to the study of robotics and biomechanics, reflex, control, and neurorehabilitation


Investigator's email


Mussa-Ivaldi, Sandro & Patton, James L Motor Learning, Robotics and Rehabilitation Lab
Dhaher, Yasin Neuromechanics of Impaired Locomotion Lab 
Zhang, Li-Qun  Biodynamics and Muscle Fiber Labs 
Kamper, Derek  Coleman Neuromuscular Hand Rehabilitation Lab 
Stinear, James  Neuromuscular Control and Plasticity Lab
Mirbagheri, M. Mehdi  Reflex, Movement & Spasticity Lab  
Murray, Wendy  Applied Research in Musculoskeletal Simulation 
Kuiken, Todd & Sensinger, Jon   Center for Bionic Medicine  

C. IT, Computer Simulation & Signal Processing Core:

helps develop measurement, analysis, and simulation tools for the study of neurological impairment and to share this information with others