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Orthotics Prosthetics User Survey (OPUS)

Thank you for your interest in the Orthotics Prosthetics User Survey (OPUS). We are happy to have you use OPUS for your clinical and research needs without charge. In exchange, we ask for your acknowledgement by including the copyright symbol on each form and your feedback on the utility of OPUS and information on how you have used it. We report this information to our funding agency, the National Institute on Disability and Rehabilitation Research in anonymous form. If you change the items, please do not call the form “OPUS”.

Below are links to the PDF versions of the OPUS modules. The forms are organized by module. The functional status and quality of life modules are intended for use at intake, device delivery and follow-up (typically 2 months). The satisfaction module is intended for use at device delivery and follow-up; separate device and service satisfaction scores are computed from this module.

Also below is a scoring guide; the guide is based on data collected through 2010. Because the OPUS Upper Extremity module has undergone recent revision, we do not yet have a large enough sample to calculate new norms for all the items. Please use only the items listed on the scoring guide when computing a score. We will revise the scoring guide once we have additional data. We would be glad to include any data you collect in a new sample. Also linked are three reprints of articles that describe OPUS’ development.

Again, thank you for your interest in OPUS. We welcome the opportunity to answer your questions and explore collaborative opportunities.

OPUS Modules

  1. Clinician survey
  2. Upper Extremity Function
  3. Lower Extremity Function
  4. Quality of Life
  5. Satisfaction with Device and Services

OPUS Articles

Burger, Helena, et al. "Validation of the orthotics and prosthetics user survey upper extremity functional status module in people with unilateral upper limb amputation." J of Rehab Med, 40.5 (2008): 393-399.

Heinemann, A. W., R. K. Bode, and C. O'Reilly. "Development and measurement properties of the Orthotics and Prosthetics Users' Survey (OPUS): a comprehensive set of clinical outcome instruments." P & O Intl, 27.3 (2003): 191-206.

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More Information

To request more information or for questions about OPUS, please contact Allen Heinemann at aheinemann@ric.org.