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User fees for FY 2017 (NU login)

The user fee for FY2017 is $88/hour. This includes services of the CBS Tech, all necessary TMS/Navigation/EEG/EMG instruments, and CBS lab space. The fee is the same regardless of how many and what types of instruments you use. You are welcome to use your own TMS-accredited personnel, but note that using the equipment is nontrivial - we highly recommend involving our Tech to ensure correct settings in all the TMS/Navigation/EEG devices, accurate navigation, good data quality, and safety. Note also that the CBS Tech may serve as the Advanced level TMS user that is required to be present during TMS.

The fee is billed for the time when the research team occupies the CBS lab space or the instruments, or uses the services of the CBS Tech. Exception: If you use your own personnel for EEG preparation (without the CBS Tech) and do not monopolize the CBS lab space, there is no charge for EEG preparation time (putting on the EEG cap, cleaning skin under electrodes, applying electrode paste).

Unfunded instrument time for technical development, training, or setting up your paradigm, is available (

If your research project is currently unfunded but you need to collect preliminary data for a grant proposal that uses CBS resources, email ( with a request for an unfunded pilot account.

For FY 2018 (August 2017 - July 2018) we expect that the CBS fees may rise to $176/hour, depending on NU Core and other support. Please budget your grant proposals for FY 2018 to include TMS costs at $176/hour.