Equipment at CBS - Rehabilitation Institute of Chicago

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Equipment at CBS

TMS Stimulators

3 x MagPro X100 with MagOption (MagVenture, Farum, Denmark)

2 x Nexstim NBT 1.2 (Nexstim, Helsinki, Finland)

1 x Nexstim NBS 4.3

1 x Nexstim NBS 3.1

1 x Magstim Rapid2 (Magstim, Carmarthenshire, UK)

2 x Magstim Bistim2  = 4 x Magstim 2002


TMS Navigators

LOCALITE (Localite GmbH, St Augustin, Germany) - customized for multi-coil support

Nexstim navigators integrated in each Nexstim stimulator

BrainSight (Rogue Research Inc., Montreal, Quebec, Canada)


TMS Coils

MagPro: 1 x MC-125 / 1 x MCF-B65 / 2 x C-B60 / 2 x MC-B70 / 1 x MC-B35 / 2 x Cool-B65 / 1 x Cool-B65 A/P / 3 x Cool-B35 (HO, HP) / 1 x Cool-D50 / 1 x Cool-DB80 double-cone coil / 2 x MC-P-B70 / 1 x MCF-P-B65 / 1 x MRi-B91

Magstim: 1 x 70-mm figure-of-eight (9925), 2 x double-cone coil, 2 x 60-mm figure-of-eight branding iron coils, 1 x custom batwing 90-mm figure-of-eight coil

Nexstim: 4 x 70-mm figure-of-eight

TMS Coil Coolers

MagPro: 3 x Cooler for Cool Coils with High-Performance Option (circulating liquid cooling with refrigerator stage)


MagPro: MRI Coil Holder for MagPro MRi-B91 (for simultaneous TMS-MRI)

EEG equipment (TMS- and MRI-compatible)

NeurOne 64 (Mega Electronics, Kuopio, Finland). Allows 64 EEG and 16 bipolar channels, AC and DC recording modes, sampling frequency up to 20 kHz. Includes Synchronization Unit for unaliased TMS-EEG and TMS-MRI recordings (Mega Electronics, Kuopio, Finland). EasyCap 64-channel EEG caps S/M/L with TMS-compatible electrodes (Brain Products GmbH, Gilching, Germany).

Stimulus computers and programs

A stimulus PC desktop running Presentation (Neurobehavioral systems) is available for delivery or auditory and visual stimuli and for recording behavioral responses. You may also use your own stimulus laptop.

MRI access

MRI Siemens 3T Prisma at RIC/Abilitylab (starting 3/2017) or Northwestern University Center for Translational Imaging (CTI).