Gaining Investigator Access to CBS - Rehabilitation Institute of Chicago

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Gaining Investigator Access to CBS

Our instruments, laboratory space, and personnel are available for academic investigators to conduct research that requires TMS instrumentation and skills. Our modest user fees (NU login) are strongly subsidized by RIC and the NU Core at Feinberg School of Medicine / Northwestern University. The fees include access to all instruments at CBS and a skilled TMS/EEG Tech.

We encourage any investigator considering to buy their own TMS stimulators, coils, navigators, and compatible EEG/fMRI devices, to talk with us. We can offer cutting-edge equipment, laboratory space, highly trained personnel, and TMS safety support at a fraction of the cost of purchasing and maintaining your own.

To gain access to CBS resources, we require that all investigators conducting research at CBS take our 1-Day TMS Safety Course. This is because TMS is an interventional technique that has a (rare) potential for adverse effects, most notably a seizure. The risk can be effectively mitigated by excluding unsuitable subjects and using safe TMS parameters. The course is offered 4 times per year at no cost to the participants, and covers basic TMS physics and physiology, safety, FDA and IRB issues, and hands-on training. In addition, any investigator participating in a TMS session is required to have an active Basic Life Support (BLS) certificate.

For simple step-by-step instructions on starting a new TMS project at CBS, see our Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) Manual (NU login). For new CBS users outside the Northwestern University, email the CBS Director to receive a copy of the SOP Manual.