Research at CBS - Rehabilitation Institute of Chicago

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Research at CBS

The remarkable resources at CBS are being used for a wide variety of clinical and basic research purposes. In addition to research focused on brain functions in health and disease, we develop novel instruments and methods to improve the efficacy of TMS. Examples of ongoing research projects include:

Clinical Research

  • Therapeutic atlases for brain stimulation. This research project aims at computing maps that indicate which brain areas and networks should be stimulated for best therapeutic efficacy. Principal Investigators: Tommi Raij (RIC/NU), Aapo Nummenmaa (MGH/Harvard Medical School) 
  • Enhancing memory in humans. This project utilizes MRI connectivity information to stimulate the human hippocampus to improve memory in memory-impaired individuals. Principal Investigator: Joel Voss (NU) 
  • Brain excitability in epilepsy. This research project utilizes TMS-EEG to understand excitability changes in patients with epilepsy. Principal Investigators: Stephen VanHaerents (NU), Mouhsin Shafi (BIDMC/Harvard Medical School) 
  • Neuro-navigated rTMS as an adjuvant to therapy after stroke. This project aims to determine therapeutic effects of repetitive non-invasive stimulation administered to the contralateral cortical hemisphere prior to task-oriented occupational therapy. Principal Investigator: Richard Harvey (RIC/NU), Co-I: Lynn Rogers (RIC/NU)

Methods Research

Next generation TMS navigation. This projects aims at developing more accurate methods for estimating the distribution of TMS-induced electric fields for TMS navigation and targeting purposes. Principal Investigators: Tommi Raij (RIC/NU), Aapo Nummenmaa (MGH/Harvard Medical School)