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Dissemination, Outreach, and Education

  • Girls4Science CBM visit, August 2014
  • Robotics Week at the Museum of Science and Industry
  • Open House for IEEE's Engineering in Medicine and Biology Society conference, August 2014

We are committed to educating the public, students, and other scientists about research pioneered at the Center for Bionic Medicine and at our Rehabilitation Engineering Research Center, Technologies to Evaluate and Advance Manipulation and Mobility (TEAMM).

For more information about scheduling a possible event, please contact Sheila Burt at sburt@ricres.org or 312-238-1569.

Below is a select list of recent events that CBM/TEAMM researchers have participated in.

Educational Demonstrations


  • "Recovery vs. Compensation: Technologies for Individuals with Neurological Disability,” Arun Jayaraman, PhD, Balgrist University, Zurich, Switzerland, June 2014.
  • "Exoskeletons for Individuals with Neurological Injuries,” Arun Jayaraman, PhD, International Society of Physical and Rehabilitation Medicine Symposium, Cancun, Mexico, June 2014.
  • "The Future of Restored Function," Tim Reissman, PhD, Human Augmentics Seminar, University of Illinois at Chicago, March 2014.
  • "Development of a Neural Interface for Powered Lower Limb Prosthetics," Levi Hargrove, PhD, Marquette University Undergraduate/Graduate Student Seminar, December 2013.
  • "TMR: Past, Present and Future," Todd Kuiken, MD, PhD, Project CARE Summit, San Diego Medical Center, December 2013.
  • "Neural Interfaces for Artificial Limbs," Todd Kuiken, MD, PhD, American Association of Neuromuscular and Electrodiagnostic Medicine, 60th Annual Conference, San Antonio, Texas, October 2013.
  • "Building Bionic Interfaces,” Todd Kuiken, MD, PhD, 38th Annual Edward Lambert Lecturer, Dale House University, Department of Medicine, October 2013.


  • CBM and the Sensory Motor Performance Program (SMPP) host a monthly seminar series specifically aimed at educating researchers at the Rehabilitation Institute of Chicago. Past topics have included running with a powered knee and ankle prosthesis, high density sEMG recording, and exploring variability in muscle activation patterns.