Selected Publications 2006 - 2004 - Rehabilitation Institute of Chicago

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Center for Aphasia Research and Treatment – Selected Publications

2006 – 2004

Cherney, L.R. & Small, S.L. (2006). Task-dependent changes in brain activation following therapy for nonfluent aphasia: Discussion of two individual cases. J of the Intl Neuropsychological Society, 12, 828-842.

Cherney, L.R. (2005).  Remediation of language disorders in adults. In: K. Brown (ed). Encyclopedia of Language and Linguistics , 2nd edition. Section on Brain and Language. (pp. 531-534). Elsevier Ltd.

Cherney, L, R. (2004). Aphasia, Alexia and Oral Reading. Topics in Stroke Rehab, 11(1), 22-36.

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