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Center for Aphasia Research and Treatment

Annual Aphasia Day

June 11, 2017

Program registration form will be available in April, 2017

Center for Aphasia Research & Treatment was created in 2001 at the Rehabilitation Institute of Chicago (RIC) to respond to the challenge of “living with aphasia.” Its mission is to promote the development and implementation of rehabilitation practices that enhance the communication skills of individuals with aphasia and facilitate their engagement in life activities.

Research Studies

Intensive Aphasia Treatment

2017 Program Dates:

April 24 - May 24

October 2 - November 1

Program brochure and application forms for 2017 are available here.

For further information, please call 312-238-6163.

Aphasia Treatment Software


AphasiaScripts™ purchasing information.

ORLA®: Oral Reading for Language in Aphasia

ORLA® purchasing information.

The Center is investigating novel ways to treat aphasia and conducts clinical research studies to establish the efficacy and effectiveness of these aphasia treatments.

Several studies are investigating how to enhance the language recovery that occurs during speech and language treatment. Certain pharmacologic agents (medications) might change the chemicals in the brain and positively affect treatment outcome. Small amounts of electrical stimulation to the brain, given during speech and language therapy, may also improve treatment outcomes. If you are interested in participating in an aphasia treatment research study, please contact Leora Cherney at or call us at 312-238-6163.

Other studies are investigating how technology can help in the treatment process. We are using state-of-the-art computer technology that simulates therapy with a clinician. This technology permits individuals with aphasia to practice speaking, listening and reading skills several hours each day while minimizing costs. These developments are important because research is indicating that intensive therapy involving many hours of practice each day is essential for making changes in the brain. More about Oral Reading for Language in Aphasia (ORLA®), a treatment that involves repeated reading aloud of sentences and paragraphs. Read more about AphasiaScripts™, which helps the person with aphasia learn different conversational scripts.

Aphasia Community Programs

The Center for Aphasia Research and Treatment offers a variety of groups and classes for people with aphasia who are living in the community. All classes help the participant practice communicating in a supportive group environment.

General conversation groups provide an opportunity to discuss general topics such as current events, sports, television/movies, and issues facing individuals who are living with aphasia. Topic-centered conversation focus on a specific theme.

The aphasia book club is designed to help those who have difficulty reading. Each book club series runs for 8-16 weeks. Books, audio-tapes, chapter summaries, and weekly worksheets are provided.

Download a Registration Form for these classes.

NEW: Aphasia Journeys

A video developed by the Aphasia Community Groups’ YouTube Class. (Click on video title to view in YouTube)