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  • Amputee Research Registry

    To estimate current prevalence of amputees in the center-based catchment area of the RIC. Sufficient data will be collected that will characterize amputees in the Chicago area with respect to demographic and clinical features, e.g., etiology, laterality, post-amputation pain, use of assistive devices.

  • Center for Rehabilitation Outcomes Research Registry

    To develop a registry of research volunteers for the Center for Rehabilitation Outcomes Research

  • Clinical Neuroscience Research Registry

    To provide individuals who are interested in research a way to be contacted about current and future studies.

  • Neuropsychology Registry

    To understand how people think and behave, especially to understand the association between performance on neuropsychological and medical tests and daily life.

  • Registry for Neuralplasticity Research Projects

    A non-public registry of individuals who have had a stroke and are interested in being contacted as studies using these techniques become available.

  • RIC Amputee Research Registry

    Upper and Lower Limb Amputee database

  • The Cerebral Palsy Research Registry

    To promote research in the area of cerebral palsy by connecting researchers with persons with cerebral palsy through a secure, established database.

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