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Comparing Task Specific Training with Stride Management Assist (SMA) Device vs. Impairment based Physical Therapy on Functional Walking Ability in Outpatient Stroke Rehabilitation


The study objective is to compare task specific training using a robotic exoskeleton SMA vs. traditional physical therapy in the outpatient setting for individuals post-stroke.

IRB Protocol Number
Principal Investigator(s)
Arun Jayaraman
W. Zev Rymer

Clinical Trial Categories

  • Brain Injury Research
  • Gait Research
  • Stroke Research
  • General Rehabilitation


  • Provided
Honda R&D
Heidi Roth, DHS, NCS at 312-238-1231
How to Participate

Individuals who have had a single stroke more than 30 days prior, can walk without physical assistance (but are permitted to use braces and assistive devices if needed), and are appropriate to be referred to outpatient physical therapy.


Yes - only for testing sessions, physical therapy sessions are paid for through the study (insurance is NOT billed)