Intra-Surgery Measurement of Sarcomere Length and Muscle Fiber Force - Rehabilitation Institute of Chicago

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Intra-Surgery Measurement of Sarcomere Length and Muscle Fiber Force


To understand how neurological impairment affect muscles at the sarcomere and sub-sarcomere levels, which will help us develop more effective treatment in a related study for patients with spasticity and contracture caused by CNS pathology. As a participant in this study you will be asked to allow us to test the property of a tiny bundle of fibers in your muscle involved in the surgery. 

IRB Protocol Number
Principal Investigator(s)
Li-Qun Zhang

Clinical Trial Categories

  • Basic Science Laboratory Research
  • General Rehabilitation


  • Provided
Who Can Participate

Either needs to be healthy or have a neurological impairment or has orthopedic surgery schedule. Patients with neurologically disorders who have spastic/stiff joint and are scheduled to have surgical procedures includingtendon/muscle lengthening and tendon transfer will be recruited in the proposed study. In addition, patients who do not have neurological disorders but scheduled for surgeries on the limb for sports-related injuries or fractures (e.g., tibial/fibular fracture, ankle fracture, humeral fracture and radial/fibular fracture) will also be recruited as controls.

Compensation: $100