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Fri, June 17

Speaker: James M. Elliott (Assistant Professor, Dept of PTHMS, FSM, NU)

Title: New Directions For Understanding Whiplash - Have We Been Driving In The Wrong Lane?

Abstract:  It is necessary to gain an insight into the mechanisms underlying the pain, physical and psychological impairments for the differential diagnosis and appropriate management of a patient's neck pain and disability following whiplash injury. This talk will highlight some of the new directions that are emanating from recent and ongoing collaborative research efforts between The University of Queensland, Australia and Northwestern University, Chicago, USA.
This research is looking into the assessment, accurate sub-group classification and management of patients with neck pain; key areas being the mechanistic basis for pain, physical and psychological impairment in the neuromusculoskeletal system in cases of traumatic whiplash. Several measurements have been developed towards quantifying/classifying impairments in the pain, sensory-motor, and postural control systems as well as the psychosocial features of neck-related disorders. These include, but are not limited to, measures of pressure and thermal pain thresholds, postural control (kinesthesia, eye movements), EMG and muscle functional magnetic resonance imaging measures for activation of the neck flexors and extensors and advanced MRI measures quantifying pathophysiological processes in acute/chronic whiplash.

Host: William Z. Rymer