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Thur, July 1

Speaker: Won-Kyung Song, PhD (NRC-Research Institute, Korea)

Title: Rehabilitative and Assistive System Research in the Research Institute of Korea National Rehabilitation Center

Abstract: Korean Ministry of Health and Welfare established the Research Institute

(NRCRI) within National Rehabilitation Center, Seoul, Korea one and half years ago in order to perform rehabilitation research and development projects which can improve the quality of life of Korean with disabilities. NRCRI is engaged in several efforts to develop rehabilitative and assistive devices and systems based on the needs of Korean with disabilities. We investigated what kinds of difficulties they suffer and what Assistive Technologies are needed by conducting a comprehensive survey study and having meetings with persons with diverse disabilities as the first research project. We planned and executed several research and development projects.

Whereas some of them are performed with low or middle technologies, others required high technologies which are used in developing robots, automobile, and airplane. In this presentation our research and development works in the NRCRI will be introduced briefly.

Host: Li-Qun Zhang