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Wed Aug 10

Speaker: Jie Liu, Ph.D.

Title: Development of a human robot interface for assistive robotic arms

Abstract:  In recent years, the assistance of disabled, elderly and persons with special needs become to be one of the most important service applications of the robotic systems. Assistive Robots can improve the every-day life of disabled people. The control interface plays a significant role in the efficiency of such robots and the quality of the services they offer. Combining human and robot into a single system offers remarkable opportunities for creating a new generation of assistive technology for disabled people. The first part of this talk focuses on control methodologies to simulate human like motion using robotic arm and the control signals needed. The second part of this talk focuses on how well a participant in the ongoing BrainGate Neural Interface System (IDE) pilot clinical trial could use neural signals to control a robotic arm to move towards and grasp targets.

Host: Dr. Rymer