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Fri, April 16

Speaker: Nupur Hajela, PT (Postdoctoral Candidate)

Title: Evoked Human Cutaneous Reflexes during Standing and Step Initiation

Abstract: Cutaneous reflexes have been shown to be task dependent, phase dependent and stimulus intensity dependent in movement tasks (e.g. walking, running and obstacle avoidance). We have demonstrated in our previous study that cutaneous input, when used as an imperative cue can alter anticipatory postural adjustments (APAs) that precede a step. Little evidence exits for how cutaneous reflexes may modulate the APAs. It was therefore important to evaluate the underlying reflex influences that could be modulating APAs when sural stimulation is used as an imperative cue. The purpose of this study was to assess the influence of cutaneous reflexes APAs that precede a step in healthy human subjects. In addition, we compared the reflex responses during step initiation to those evoked while standing.  By comparing cutaneous reflexes under different conditions we were able to assess how these pathways are modulated in a functional task such as step initiation. My talk will provide an overview of these recent findings and their significance. Specifically, I will report on a current study seeking to assess the influence of cutaneous reflexes during step initiation and standing in healthy individuals.