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Fri, May 27

Speaker: Songjoo Lee (Dr. Zhang's group)

Title: Gender differences in Off-axis neuromuscular control: toward ACL injury prevention and rehabilitation

Abstract:  Anterior Cruciate Ligament (ACL) injury is the most common knee ligament injury.
Each year about 200,000 ACL injuries occur in the U.S. and about 70% of among them is non-contact ACL injury. Females have 2-9 times higher incident of having ACL injury than males.  Although significant research efforts have been made to investigate gender differences in related to non-contact ACL injury risk factors, gender differences under weight-bearing conditions related to a potential injury scenario (off-axis movements) have not been investigated. Particularly, since ACL injuries occur during pivoting movements, strongly related to off-axis movements, in this presentation a study comparing gender differences in off-axis neuromuscular control under weight-bearing and functionally relevant conditions will be introduced. The findings from this study may contribute to understand potential ACL injury risk factors and develop a future training protocol for ACL injury prevention and rehabilitation.