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Electrophysiological Analysis of Gait and Posture Lab

Mission: The principal aims of the Electrophysiological Analysis of Gait and Posture Lab is to understand the neural basis of movement, with an emphasis on the interactions and behavior of spinal and cortical neural networks during a motor task in healthy humans.

Currently we are investigating the transformation of specific spinal and cortical neural circuits after exercise and/or training in people with Spinal Cord Injury.  For this, concepts and knowledge from engineering, physiology, and rehabilitation are simultaneously integrated and utilized to delineate the sources of pathological behavior of cortical and spinal neuronal networks in the lesioned human spinal cord. Activity-dependent plasticity of the Central Nervous System is well documented in both humans and animals, but the mechanisms contributing for example to recovery of walking after a rehabilitation intervention are largely unknown and based mostly on clinical observations and not on scientific evidence. Our overall objective is to understand the transformation or normalization of specific spinal reflex circuits and cortico-spinal interactions after training in people with Spinal Cord Injury so to be able to adjust rehabilitation interventions appropriately so to contribute to a better quality of life for these people.

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